My Fried Egg Recipe

Hey, Loves! I am quite excited to share with you guys my Fried Egg Recipe! You can have my eggs with some Yam, Plantain, Bread, and the list can go on and on!


Frying pan

Chopping board





  • Olive oil
  • Onions (optional)
  • Habanero pepper (optional)
  • Eggs

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My Macaroni Recipe

Hey, Lovelies! Today, I will be sharing with you guys my macaroni recipe. I am not a ‘mac and cheese’ lover because I am yet to have one that soothes my taste, but that does not mean that I don’t love macaroni. I love macaroni, especially Elbow Macaronis and ever since I was young, macaroni has being cooked in a particularly delicious way that I am so excited to share with you!



Elbow macaroni (or whichever one you prefer)

Maggi (seasoning)

Sazon Goya Seasoning

Bell pepper


Habanero Pepper


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Share a Drink| Smoothie Recipe

Hey, Lifestyle Speakers! If you’re like me with your smoothies, then you know that “I want to use every fruit I have in my fridge life” when it comes to creating deliciously healthy smoothie recipes.

So for my recipe today, I will be using easy and simple ingredients that you can switch up or down to your preference but for the purpose of my smoothie, here are my ingredients:


  • Ice
  • Nectarine
  • Grapes
  • Strawberry
  • Cranberries
  • Milk (Optional)


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Groundnut Stew Recipe

Hey, my lovelies! Two recipes in one day? 2017 is about to be an ah-mazing year. Today’s recipe is a very special recipe and I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not for everybody. Please note that if you’re allergic to peanut or simply just do not like peanut, you most likely will not enjoy this stew. If you’re a peanut lover or just curious as to what groundnut stew is, then please read on. Happy New Year’s eve!



So to cook this recipe, you can get your fresh groundnut straight from the shell. To make this, you need to crack the shell this way:


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Nigerian Bukka Stew |Recipe

A “bukka” stew is known to have a distinct fire-wood taste that only comes from cooking traditionally. The bukka stew is mostly served in Nigerian food canteens and is cooked differently than the traditional stew cooked in Nigerian homes. It’s fried with palm oil.


To cook, you’ll be needing a bunch of assorted meats. Today, I’ll be using some Beef neck bone and beef. If you can go even more assorted with your meat, it’d be even more bukka!

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Home Made Salad: Fish Fillet Recipe

Salad is not one of those meals that a lot of us enjoy to eat (okay, Naomi, I think you’re just talking about yourself), so we need to have something that tastes extra amazing to make eating salad quite bearable. Sure some amazing dressing like Honey Mustard would do, but today, I will be giving you my Fish Fillet Recipe.


The above image is the Fish Fillet that I bought. It is raw and I’ll be sharing the recipe.

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Meal With A Story: Grilled Sandwiches

The first time I had a grilled sandwich was when I was at Osogbo, Osun state, Nigeria. I was visiting my grandma, and we’d called it Toasted Bread then. Recently, practically ten years later, I stumbled upon this “toasting” machine and I knew that I had to have it and reignite my beloved childhood memory of making this with my Grandma! Thankfully, recently, the grilled sandwhich maker (toasting machine), was recently gifted to me and I could not be more excited!

Below is a very simple recipe that you can adjust whichever way you like/choose. Be it to a healthier or a more elaborate recipe.


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