What I Ate Today!

Hi, Lifestyle Speakers!!! Today’s blog post is one I am particularly very excited about. What we take into our body is very important and they contribute to our physical appearance and even though my current meal plan isn’t as perfectly healthy as I’d like, that’s okay. This is a lifestyle blog that portrays a real lifestyle of a real constantly growing human being and not some perfect healthy perfectionist or something, lol.




So I start out the day with a full breakfast plate. I had two pancakes, (one regular, the other chocolate chip), two sausages, a slice of a quiche pie, potatoes, sausage and egg casserole, and a hash brown potato. To complement the dish, I had a fruit salad and because the thirst does get real, I got two short Styrofoam cups of orange juice.




Don’t freak out, it’s the same fruit salad bowl, lol. Just wanted to clear the air about that. Moving on, so to munch on my fruit, I sipped this cup of Wawa coffee while I handled some other business. Breakfast on this day was around nine-ten am so by one pm, I helped myself to two pieces of the chocolate pictured down below.



With white marshmallow in between and a hard chocolate crunchy shell, that was a good snack. So because breakfast was quite heavier than usual for me, my belly was quite full through the day. My stomach started to alert me about it’s hunger at around five pm, so by six pm, my dinner was ready which means that I skipped lunch for this day. My belly was pretty full for this day so don’t worry, your girl is good.



So for dinner, I had Moi-Moi, my favorite way to eat beans. Moi-Moi is a protein, made from grinded beans with ingredients like palm oil, habanero pepper, onions, and it is a very delicious Nigerian delicacy that you have to try! Let me know down in the comment section if you are interested in a recipe. This is a perfect food for parents with children or people generally, who do not like the plain sight of beans. Buried in between my Moi-Moi was boiled egg and when making this meal, you can use your choice of seafood or meat and if you are vegetarian, this meal is also for you. You can eat Moi-Moi without any of the optional food buried in between. I’m a Nigerian, I’d rather eat my food with meat or fish any day so best believe there has to be something solid in there, lol. On this day, I’m eating my Moi-Moi with diced apples and a cold glass of water. Traditionally, Moi-Moi is mostly eaten as a breakfast but I’ve never been one to religiously follow the whole breakfast-lunch chart. I eat cereal at seven pm just as much as I’d enjoy it at seven am. Moi-Moi is also mostly served with bread, custard, oat meal, pap, or any porridge of choice.

So, here you have it Lifestyle Speakers, this is what I eat in a day! What I eat is never really repetitive except for cereal and rice which I eat at least thrice a week so what I eat everyday, as previously mentioned, is never really repetitive. Thank you for visiting Naomi’s Reflections today and please let me know down in the comment section, what you eat in a day! I am interested! Thank you and have a good day or night! Muah!









  1. I’m a big lover of oatmeal in the morning, or granola with fruits… Lunch is normally a sandwich or something, and dinner is usually meat with some salads, … 🙂 Great post!

    1. Ohhoo…I suddenly feel so unhealthy, lol! I definitely hope I can one day train myself to eat as healthy as you! Thanks for sharing!✨

    1. Oh, Thank you for checking out my blog! Jasmine from WhyKnotUs blog, right? You mentioned that you don’t get to eat peanut butter more, does that mean that you guys are married or just live together?

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