What does worship mean to me?


Worship, depending on who you ask, will have a varying definition. Which is why I can not touch this topic without emphasizing me. This is my experience and my perception of the act of worship.
“Worship” to me means intimacy. One on one, with eyes closed and words that serve as an expression of feelings. Promises, dedication, hope. Turning words into melody to communicate appreciation, blessings, hope, faith, joy, sadness, sin, temptation, revival, renewal, freedom. The intimacy that worship brings is beautiful, one on one. Soul-deep, heart-strong. Worship is vulnerability, fragility, trust. Worship is sacrifice, forgetting one’s surroundings while giving it all without holding back once. Worship is trust, God is trust. Worship is another form of prayer and to me, worship signifies intimacy. The one intimacy that truly matters!



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