Tips on How To Run With Endurance

Running should help to distress, not add to our stress. When I first started running as a workout, I couldn’t get my mind off how stressful and how long the race ahead was. “Act like you’re holding an egg”, I was told, but my mind couldn’t travel anywhere but on how painful and uncomfortable running felt. Talking didn’t help either, since that helped keep me out of breath. Today, I will be sharing with you guys my tips on running with endurance and persistence.

1). Pray:- This just has to be the first on this list. Not because I feel a moral obligation to place it first as a Christian but because of the healing powers I’ve seen. Praying is literally my favorite thing to do when running. Running can not only be a physical wellness but a spiritual one, too. Not only do I feel such a relaxing sense of relief and love because I’m in communication with my father, but I often even forget about the stress of the run itself because I’m so focused on talking to and listening to and getting from God.

2). Be your own cheerleader: Now I’m not saying wear your mini skirt and hold your pom poms high (or whatever the male version of this is). What I mean by be your own cheerleader is that you need to learn to and get in the habit of cheering yourself on. Tell yourself that you can do it, recite to yourself that what you have left to do isn’t as much as what you’ve done. Remind yourself of your future “bikini body” (If this your thang), and of your goals and motivations and the reason why you’re running in the first place.

3). If you are a music lover, discover a new artist or an old school one you’ve never listened to (or remember hearing of as a child) and listen to a whole album. I have noticed that music with fast beats are more energy intensive and encouraging when running.

4). Plan your day or week: This is a good time, if you love organizing and can do so without writing or visual aids, to figure out your schedule/plan on the things that you have to do.

5). Retrospect/Prospect on yourself and your growth: I enjoy looking at my growth in retrospect as I visualize what how I can prospectively grow. Doing this while running can help keep you encouraged either because you’ve being doing the right thing according to your standards (hence, you what to continue), or go even harder if you’ve been slacking.

Thank you so much for reading my blog post, I pray this encourages and blesses you as you continue to pursue growth in your health and physical life.

P.S: Shout out to Lata for the beautiful picture above!


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