Sweet Potato and Plantain Pottage Recipe

After my sister looked through my blog, she said that most of my recipes are rice related, and so, today, I have decided to do something different, with non rice and this is absolutely delicious. I am so proud of this meal that just thinking about it makes me want to go make some more.





Palm Oil


Stock fish

Cray fish

Seasoning (maggi)


Bell  pepper

Habanero pepperimg_1642

Smoked chicken (optional)- you can replace with any other meat or fish of your choice



To Cook:


1). You want to start by peeling off the skin of your sweet potato

2). Then you want to wash your potatoes and place them nicely in your pot


3). The next thing you want to do is dice your onions before placing it right on top of your potatoes

4). Add stock fish

5). Then you want to cut to pieces your smoked chicken (optional) and add


6). Add some water (not too much- right at the same depth as potato) then cover and let cook for fifteen minutes (depending on how much potatoes you can cook. For potatoes to cook earlier, cut into small cubes).

7). After fifteen minutes, mash some of your potatoes (not all)

8). Also, this is when you want to slice your plantain (I’m using just two) into about three chunks and add to your pot

9). Next, you want to blend your peppers, then add it into the pot

10). Add your palm oil

11). Add maggi  and Sazon Goya (seasoning). As you know, sweet potato and plantain are quite sweet, so you want to add very little maggi seasoning.

12). Add cray fish


13). Mix all these together and let it cook

And here you have it, this delicious and amazing meal that’s a perfect dinner or lunch meal for your family and friends.


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