Nigerian Vegetable Soup Recipe |Efoelegusi

What is the best meal to have after a beautiful church service especially after one has just been blessed with God’s word? I say, Pounded yam with some yummy (should I add healthy) Vegetable (efoelegusi) soup.

So to start with this meal, you want to boil your meat. Today, I will be using some delicious goat meatimg_1056

After rinsing, I will be boiling this and because the goat meat has such a distinct taste, I will be boiling this with just onions and maggi, this way, the natural grilled roasted flavor from the goat meat will not be lost.


Above is an image of what the goat meat looks like once it’s boiled.


The next step to take is to gather the pepper you’ll be using. You don’t want to use a lot of tomatoes because the Nigerian Vegetable Stew isn’t supposed to be watery, the sauce in the Vegetable should be quite thick, and if you want it to be prettier, add some of your pepper seeds.


Next step, blend your pepper. Don’t liquefy, make it quite thick.


The next thing you want to do is gather your ingredients. Up there, I have some

Ground Egusi

Cray fish

Stock fish


Salt (if you want)

Palm oil


Diced or cut spinach

Locust beans (if you have some)

Efo Riro is a very traditional soup, so you want to use as many traditional ingredients as possible without any new add ons.


To cook;

  1. Add palm oil in your pot on medium heat
  2. Add diced onions into your potimg_1065
  3. Add stock fish
  4. Add cray fish
  5. Stirimg_1068

6. Once heated, add blended pepper then stir.

7. Put on medium-high heat


8. Once heated, add egusi

9. Stir

10. Add maggi and salt appropriately

11. Stir then cover till the egusi cooks into the pepper and produces a yellowish color

12. Then add boiled goat meat and the broth from boiling (as appropriate so your vegetable soup  isn’t watery)

13. Let it cook for a while

14. Add spinach

15. Stir

16. Let it cook for two minutes. You add spinach last because you don’t want it to be too soft.

The whole sauce should be permeated into the vegetable now.


Today, I will be having my vegetable soup with Pounded Yam (recipe for this will be in a different blog post).


This food was absolutely delicious (and healthy, too!). I felt so full after eating this, tjis was such a delicious meal and I absolutely love it! Thanks for reading todays blog post and let me know how it comes out when you cook it!







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