Nigerian Ogbono Soup Recipe

A recipe mostly had in eastern Nigeria, ogbono is also another traditional Nigerian food recipe. To make this recipe, you’ll be needing;


Grinded cray fish

Grinded dried fish bone


Grinded Ogbono

Palm oil


Habanero pepper


Ugwu Leaf

(Side note, I’m yet to see Ugwu in America, so I’ll be replacing mine with some chopped collard greens).


You will also need some Habanero peppers.


I will also be using some boiled assorted meat. I am using some goat meat, stocked fish, smoked fish, cow stripes, and cow skin (pomo).


  1. Boil all your available assorted meat and fish
  2. Then add some sliced peppers
  3. Then add palm oil
  4. Add Locust beans if available
  5. Add cray fish and dried bony fish
  6. Add seasoning (maggi and salt)- add responsibly in accordance to the previously used seasoning when boiling meat.
  7. Stir
  8. Add stock water from boiling meat
  9. Add grinded Ogbono
  10. Leave it for five minutes
  11. The soup should have thickened
  12. Add Ugwu Leaf
  13. Stir
  14. Soup is cooked when the palm oil gathers to thicken on top


Thanks for reading and hope you enj0y this recipe! Today, I am eating this soup with some Amala.







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