Nigerian Fried Stew| Recipe 1 (Stockfish) -Quick 7 Minute Cook

Sometimes, I just don’t have an hour or two to cook, not when I have that appointment I have to get to or when I have an impromptu visitor who tells me they are down the street. This Nigerian fried stew, the first of my many twists and turns to these group of recipes to come, is the perfect-quick-cook for the mom in a rush or anyone who just wants a quick meal.


First of all, you’ll be needing some tomatoes, some habanero (scotch bonnet) pepper, onions, grinded cray fish and some stock fish. I apologize for the Sugar Snap Stir fry pictured in the image, that’s for a different mail.


What you want to do next is slice all of your pepper then dump it into your blender. Hit the blend button. For the Nigerian Fried Stew, you don’t want to liquefy your pepper, you want your stew to be quite thick.


Up below are the images of the seasonings that I will be using. Oh, you guys, this stew was absolutely so good I got two servings, you guys! Because I was cooking for two, I didn’t use all of the pepper I blended. For seasoning,

All Ingredients Needed

1/2 teaspoon of Garlic

1/2 fullspoon of Sazon Goya

1/2 teaspoon of thyme

1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg

Rosemary leaves


Bay leafs

2 cubes of maggi


Olive oil

(The peppers mentioned above)

These flavors that I’m using are to help enhance the flavor of the fried stew. When it comes to flavoring, I am a huge advocate for flavor but if you don’t have any fof the above ingredients, maggi and salt will work. If you can notice, I personally did not use salt in my fried because I generally do not cook with salt and the food still tastes ah-mazing! Also, stock fish is quite salty, so if you’ll be adding salt, please add responsibly.

To Cook


So first of all, you  want to take your pan and put it on high heat, then dice some onions. Put in the diced onions into the hot olive oil. At this point, you want to switch your cooker to medium heat. After a couple of seconds, you’ll smell the lovely aroma of your onions cooking.

You want to make sure your cooker is on medium heat and not hot heat, this way, your onions will cook and not fry.

Then, you want to add all of your blended pepper as appropriate. Afterwards, add all the directed seasoning as appropriate.

Side note: Stock fish is quite hard, if you like your fish soft, you want to soak it in hot water (This can add a couple of minutes to the seven).

After giving the stew a short while to fry (You are frying now so turn up the heat), add your stock fish. Then leave it all to cook.

By now, your sizzling fried stew is smelling and cooking so delectably that you can’t wait to just get into it and just eat start eating.

You can eat this absolutely flavorful and delicious fried stew with anything you choose – fried plantain, yam, potatoes or whatever you fancy. Today, I chose to have this amazingness with some white rice. What would you have your fried stew with? Let me know down in the comment section!






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