Nigerian Fried Rice| Recipe #1

Today’s recipe is a Nigerian favorite! A delicacy made for important ceremonies like holidays and parties, Fried Rice is Nigerian favorite! There are two popular ways to making fried rice, today, I will be sharing the first of two recipes.


The most important ingredient needed to make fried rice, obviously, is the rice. The rice, in this recipe, is to be rinsed off it’s starch and boiled properly to “full-term” (The rice shouldn’t be too soft in order to avoid mushiness).

The next ingredient you need is your COW LIVER. You can add things some shrimps if you so desire.


What you want to do now is gather your ingredients. As you can see in the image above, I will be using my mixed vegetables (carrot, corn & green beans). Permit me for using stripes in this recipe, I substituted that for the cow liver. As shown, you will also be needing some Curry, Thyme, Olive Oil, Garlic (optional), Rosemary and Bay Leafs (Optional). And of course, Maggi and salt to season.


The next thing you want to do is fry your sauce, which is;

  1. Adding some olive oil in appropriately sized pan
  2. Adding mixed vegetables
  3. Adding some granulated garlic (optional)
  4. Adding in maggi and salt to taste
  5. Add your liver/shrimp. In my exceptional case today, stripes.
  6. Add in curry
  7. Add in thyme
  8. Add in rosemary and bay leafs (optional)
  9. Stir
  10. Leave to cook


As soon as your sauce is done and ready, you want to get a new and bigger pot. Then, you’ll do what I call my “pour & mix methods”, which is adding your sauce, adding your boiled white rice, stir, and repeat.


That’s an image of my nicely boiled white rice, which is about to become fried rice.


I apologize for the low quality image above, but that’s an image of me in the process of stirring and adding.


So this is an image of my cooked fried rice which I made for my Christmas party at church.

Like I mentioned, this is my first of two fried rice recipes and I’m excited to share my second recipe with you (my favorite, lol!).

Fried rice is best had with some plump chicken. Thanks for reading today and let me know if you’ve ever tried the Nigerian Fried Rice down in the comment section!




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