Nigerian Bukka Stew |Recipe

A “bukka” stew is known to have a distinct fire-wood taste that only comes from cooking traditionally. The bukka stew is mostly served in Nigerian food canteens and is cooked differently than the traditional stew cooked in Nigerian homes. It’s fried with palm oil.


To cook, you’ll be needing a bunch of assorted meats. Today, I’ll be using some Beef neck bone and beef. If you can go even more assorted with your meat, it’d be even more bukka!




Bell Pepper

Habanero Pepper (scotch bonnet)



Palm Oil



To Cook

  • Take dry pot
  • Turn on heat
  • Add palm oil
  • Let it bleach (by bleaching, I mean, leave on high heat then open windows till palm oil turns quite transparent). Leave windows open, turn on vent fan
  • Turn off heat and let the hot oil settle for a while
  • Then add diced onions into the hot oil which’s now on medium heat. An amazing smell should be in your house right now
  • Then add blended pepperimg_1416
  • You want to let the blended pepper cook with the palm oil for ten long minutes
  • Then add maggi and salt, and if you have stock sauce from your meat, add
  • img_1415
  • Add boiled meat
  • Let cook for another fifteen minutes till you see the palm oil gather on the top of the stew


  • img_1417

Bukka stew, in my opinion, is best had with something like Amala with ewedu soup and the bukka floating on top but today, I’ll be having it with rice.


Thank you so much for tuning in and I hope you enjoyed this recipe. Please like or comment. Thank you!


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