My Dorm Room Tour


Hi, Lifestyle Speakers! Welcome again to my blog. This is today’s promised blog post and it is my dorm room tour. Need inspiration for your room? (I know I did) or just an avid décor lover? Then this blog post is yours!


When it comes to décor, we are more inclined to focus on the bedding area, forgetting the desk area and bathroom (if we have one). I decided to place my calendar board right above my desk, helping to keep me organized through a foreseeable busy semester and a cute calendar I printed off Onaena.Com. I have cute décor items such as a gold fish sculpture which you can see around the area where my desk lamp is. I also have an artificial flower on my desk as well, in the color white, which helps coordinate with my Nordic/ Scandinavian theme. I have my school books, bibles, and makeup items as you can see up in the picture. On the side of the wall, you can spot my laptop bag and an alphabet letter that a friend gave me as a gift.


That is my bed, I love my bedding, I love how much pillows I have. I love the gallery wall that I’ve created. I also placed a denim jacket on my wall, just to help add color to the black and white décor I have going on with my walls.


And there you have it guys! My dorm room tour! I hope you enjoyed it and found some inspiration for yours!

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