My College Wardrobe Wish List!!!- French Minimalism


Hey guys!!! When the time for college arrives, phrases such as “going into the real world” and “new beginnings” are often used. Since College gives permission for a fresh start, I plan on giving myself a fresh start not only in my environment but in my wardrobe, too.

Now, when you saw the title to my post, you were probably wondering, what is “French Minimalism”. Sounds fancy, right? For the past couple of months, I have been researching minimalism which is a lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to live without a television or a car, ain’t nobody got time for that, but with my wardrobe, minimalism has been something to quite give thought to. With college and the minimum space usually provided, minimalism seems like the right way to go.

Hear me out.

I love my fashion, I love to dress up so how can I limit my wardrobe to efficiently manage my limited closet space but still have a highly fashionable closet that defines me and which will also enable me to save money without having to shop every weekend while I’m away at college? I have come up with, after a lot of research, on quite a “concise” wardrobe for my closet. I am going for a “French Minimalist” closet. We all know Parisians are fancy, and, even Londoners, so how can I create a closet such as a Parisian while keeping to a budget and size? Of course, when it comes to a minimalist wardrobe, high quality is very important. Quality and Quantity go hand-in-hand.

For my Minimalist French Closet, I am going to be using just seven colors in order to not only keep a color scheme but to also keep my closet organized. My colors are:



Navy blue





and one Yellow item.

Basically, neutral colors because not only do they scream, “there’s beauty in simplicity”, they also go with everything and can complement each other very well in other to interchange the styles.


Down below is my Shopping Wish List:

3 T-shirts

3 Tank tops

1 silk blouse

1 button-up shirt

1 Little Black Dress

3 Cashmere sweaters

1 Leather jacket

1 Trench Coat

1 Pea coat

1 Black pant

2 skinny jeans

1 leather pant

2 black skirts

1 black short

5 Leggings

1 Flat

1 stiletto

1 athletic sneaker

1 bathing suit

2 belts


1 Purse

1 flip-flop

2 gloves

1 small gym bag

1 hat

1 rain boot

1 rain coat

1 regular boot (thigh-high)

2 scarves

1 socks for rainboots

3 work-out outfits

Okay, okay, this is probably not the most “minimalist” list you’ve ever seen but you guys, it can be worse and I’d like to think all I have above are “essentials”.

Have you ever heard of minimalism? If you could create your own minimalist closet, what would it consist of? Let me know down in the comment section! I love you for reading today and please don’t forget to subscribe so you’ll be the first to know about my next blog post. Have a beautiful day!



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