Meal With A Story: Grilled Sandwiches

The first time I had a grilled sandwich was when I was at Osogbo, Osun state, Nigeria. I was visiting my grandma, and we’d called it Toasted Bread then. Recently, practically ten years later, I stumbled upon this “toasting” machine and I knew that I had to have it and reignite my beloved childhood memory of making this with my Grandma! Thankfully, recently, the grilled sandwhich maker (toasting machine), was recently gifted to me and I could not be more excited!

Below is a very simple recipe that you can adjust whichever way you like/choose. Be it to a healthier or a more elaborate recipe.


Up above are the very simple ingredients that I’ll be using

Sandwich Grill Machine

Sliced Bread (whole/potato/wheat)




So what you want to do next is take a bowl, crack your egg and in this situation, I’ll be adding my ham into the egg.

Then I’ll be mixing it.

The next thing you want to do is butter whichever sliced bread of your choice you choose to use.

Then you want to add some of your egg mixture onto the bread

Butter your Sandwich Grill to avoid burning or sticking


That’s what it looks like up there



Above is a picture of what the Grilled sandwich (toasted bread) looks like using a Potato bread. You know that the toasted bread is ready when the green light turns on.


And this is what the Toasted Bread looks like with Wheat Bread. I decided to spice it up a little bit by having it with some chocolate milk


What I like about this recipe that not only can it serve as a meal, but also as a snack.




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