How To Read the Bible Everyday

As a believer of Christ Jesus, it is imperative to live deeply rooted in God’s word.

Hello there, beautiful! So my guess is, if you’re reading a blog post on how to read the bible, you’re either curious or you really do want to learn how to read the bible. And if you already do, you probably want to add to your arsenal of wisdom. Welcome all. I’ve never been one to read the loooonngggg intros to blog posts, especially when I’m looking for quick tips, so let’s get on to it!

Before we do though, I have to state that as a believer of Christ Jesus, it is imperative to live deeply rooted in God’s word. It is sharper than any two edged sword. It is how we build our faith- So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ (Romans 10:17).

  • a. Decide to start: Friends, this probably sounds elementary but it is true. We have to choose and decide to read the bible. I believe that every Christian should read the bible. Despite this stand point, I don’t think that reading the bible should be a ‘religious’ act. We should examine our hearts and choose to read God’s word- not just for the comfort and hope and beauty that it contains- but most importantly, we should read it to get to know the God who took on the form of man to come die for our sins.

  • b. Get a bible: Perhaps you think ‘duh’ after seeing that, but I do want to encourage us to get a bible. Some of us have been gifted one, some of us have one that’s been laying around our house or whatever the case may be- that’s good. As long as we have an access to God’s word, that is beautiful. If you have a couple of dollars and don’t have one or would like to purchase a new one for this season of, prayerfully, truly getting into God’s word daily, I really want to encourage you to invest in a bible.
  • c. Pick a time of the day:  I don’t think you have to read the bible at the same time every single day. If the same time every day works for you though, that’s great! I do highly encourage you to read the bible every single day. No day is the same so some days, I know for me personally, most mornings work better, on other days, it’s before bed. Other days, I want to be in Starbucks with my frapuccino as I read and learn more about my sweet Jesus and what he has done for me and you. Just make a commitment to yourself and God to do so everyday. And friend, if you miss a day, it’s okay. For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace (John 1:16). Just don’t think there’s grace then slack 🙂 I know that can be tempting!
  • d. Decide Depth or Length: Yay! One ‘not elementary’ point! Lol! What do I mean by this though? I actually learnt this from my intelligent friend and mentor, Madi. When reading the bible, there is for the most part, two ways to go about it. Do you want to study in depth or read in length? Either way, none is ‘better’. With the help of the Holy Spirit, you can decide which type works better for you and the particular season God has placed you in. Reading the bible in depth is more taking a smaller passage of the bible and studying it in depth. Maybe counting repetitive words, what you observe, the meaning of the words, the original words in the Aramaic or Hebrew and what they mean, etc. Reading the bible in length is more about reading a broad or lengthy passage in order to accumulate the knowledge of what is going on in general. For instance, after you commit to read the whole book of John, you perhaps know what the book of John is about and what it entails on surface level.
  • e. Have a Bible Reading Plan: This has been one of the key things that grew my daily reading of God’s word. From my experience, I know that just opening the bible and hoping something jumps out isn’t always effective. In fact, that could be overwhelming and when ‘nothing catches our eyes’ we can easily shut the bible and then go ‘welp, I guess God has nothing for me today’. I recommend downloading the YouVersion bible app. They have a good number of bible reading plans. I know some bibles such as the ESV Journaling Bibles have some bible reading plans at the back. It’s okay to start small. It can be a small plan reading a short book like Ephesians or Ruth, a semi-large plan like reading the whole new testament in forty days or a large one like reading the whole bible in a year. If you understand the last point, you can probably already tell that the larger plans are for most people, Length, while the smaller ones are good starters for Depth!

P.s: Talk to God in prayer daily before you start! It’s helpful!

I pray you’re blessed by this and I pray that you choose to start this journey of reading your bible daily. It truly will take your relationship with God to the next level, I know it has for me!

Naomi O.


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