How To Create A Gallery Wall Without Busting Your Budget |DIY


Two consecutive DIY blog posts? It must be a great week! Hi, Lifestyle Speakers! Today, I will be sharing with you my favorite feature (I know I claim not to have favorites but I absolutely love this) in my dorm room. Yes, I am all moved into college and I am absolutely happy as I take things one day at a time.

In my dorm room, I have created a gallery wall in which I’ve being dreaming of since forever and I am so excited with how it has come out. For me, I have decided to go with a Scandinavian slash Nordic theme so if you are more of a vibrant person, please feel free to color it up!

So to  create a gallery wall, you need the images to help create the said gallery. In order to save money, I went on to my local Dollar Tree store where I purchased eight photo frames (One 8 by 10, Seven 8 by 11) for just $8! Yes, $8! I absolutely love the Dollar Tree and it’s price comes in handy with this project.


So with your frame available, tear away the protective nylon wrapper and with my nails (If you have longer nails or a strong object like a fork, this will save you from some finger pains), open the little metals around the frame in order to open your frame. I printed out images from my computer, you can use family photos if you prefer or any image of your choice.


Yes, that actually reads Value Your Vagina, lol! So with my image available, I placed my image into the frame and I repeated this with a couple more images that I knew I wanted on my gallery wall. With your framed images ready, you are ready for your next step- hanging them on the wall.


To hang up my images, because I stay in the dorms, I am not allowed to use Cellotapes, so, I used a command strip. I decided to create my gallery wall around a clock which just helps beautify it even more and in order to add a little pop of color, I decided to hang up my favorite denim jacket, just to beautify the plain white wall even more.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY and I’d like to see how your gallery wall turns out. Tag me on Instagram! Till thursday, have a beautiful next couple of days and don’t forget to follow this blog in order to be the first to know about any new blog posts!


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