Groundnut Stew Recipe

Hey, my lovelies! Two recipes in one day? 2017 is about to be an ah-mazing year. Today’s recipe is a very special recipe and I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not for everybody. Please note that if you’re allergic to peanut or simply just do not like peanut, you most likely will not enjoy this stew. If you’re a peanut lover or just curious as to what groundnut stew is, then please read on. Happy New Year’s eve!



So to cook this recipe, you can get your fresh groundnut straight from the shell. To make this, you need to crack the shell this way:


Or, you can choose to but open groundnut straight from the bowl


Or you can use your peanut butter cream but I strongly do not advise you use this:


Or you can get this powdery one straight from your local African store or whatever grocery store carries this:

img_1527So the next step you want to do is add your groundnut, along with some onions and habanero pepper into your blender


Then you want to blend.

You’ll also be needing; img_1432

Palm oil



To Cook:

You want to place your pot on your cooker

Then add palm oil, you don’t wait it too hot

Add your blended groundnut


Then stir

{When cooking this stew, you want to be very careful and very attentive. Because the blended groundnut will be quite thick, you want to stir properly so it doesn’t stick to the pot}

Next, you want to add your boiled beef



Add maggi and salt

And that’s it, thank you for tuning in today! If you’re wondering why I don’t give measurements, it’s because I don’t know how much food you’re cooking so let me know if you ever have seasoning questions. Thank you!

Like I mentioned, if you’re not a fan of peanuts, you most likely wouldn’t enjoy this stew but if you like groundnuts, let me know how it tastes. Happy New year!





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