DIY| How To Home Make A Throw Pillow

Hi, Lifestyle Speakers! Today, I will be presenting you guys with my first ever DIY! Yay! This DIY is one I am particularly very excited about and in which has saved me tons of money. Obviously, I’m trying to save you tons of bucks too, so, if you are interested,  please feel free to read on!

So to make a throw pillow, you need a fabric. Various stores like Walmart, Jo Anns or your closest local store will provide you with fabric. Choose your desired fabric, cut it into two squares (with the size depending on what you are looking for).


As you can see above, I got my fabrics and cut them into my desired shapes. Afterwards, I sewed (no sewing machine, no problem!), you can hand sew all four sides with just a needle and thread but make sure you leave a little space for your stuffing. Let’s quickly run through this again; get your fabric, cut into square in desired size, sew three sides fully, sew half of your fourth side with space for your stuffing. Don’t forget to turn it inside out when sewing in order to be able to use the right side of your pillow.


After this step, it’s time to get your pillow stuffing. My pillow stuffing, pictured below, is from Walmart.


With your pillow stuffer, just stuff your pillow and afterwards, sew. I recommend this particular brand of pillow stuffer  because it is absolutely comfortable and I’ll have you know that I was able to stuff five pillows (One regular pillow size) with this.

And that is it, an easy and quick way to make a throw pillow. Down below is the end result of how my throw pillows came out. I absolutely love them and I hope you love yours, too. Please feel free to tag me on Instagram when you make yours, I’d love to see your creations come to life!




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