Improve Your Life By Making Conscious Efforts

Conscious Effort means deliberately making change. The lack of conscious efforts is the biggest flaw inherent in most humans. “I want to stop biting my nails, I want to start excercising” are aspirations we have but never follow through because of the lack of conscious efforts.

Conscious efforts are deliberately moving, acting and just doing deliberately.  Speaking for myself as a relatable individual, I find myself in certain conversations as if unconsciously rehearsed. We, as humans, fail to truly live in the moment, we fail to live deliberately. Talking, walking, eating, let’s let go of routine and be rejuvenated. Let’s live with a conscious and awakened mind. Our resolutions can be realities with deliberations.

With our minds naturally built to think and wander, let’s know when to snap back from ‘fantasy’ to deliberate reality.

What will Conscious Efforts Do To Your Life?

*Improve your relationships:- You’ll speak and act with much more deliberation, making people feel good which in turn, makes you look good.

*Improve your Life:- Conscious Efforts as a lifestyle will rejuvenate you. You’ll start to notice things and see things through a fresh pair of eyes- attentive eyes.


For one whole day, let your mind not wander. Act deliberately. Afterwards, leave a comment below yo tell me what change you notice.

Have a blessed day.



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