Ayamase Stew Recipe

Who said “green” had to be bitter? That was so not Ayamase. With today’s recipe, you are getting nothing but deliciousness with a bonus of healthy!

So for todays recipe, you want to star with you green peppers. I’ll be using both Green Bell pepper and Green Habanero pepper.


So, the next recipes you’ll be needing are;

1). Palm Oil


2). Maggi

3). Salt

4). Sazon Goya

5). Assorted meat (I’ll be using Beef Stripes, Cow Kidney, Chicken Heart, Cow Skin, Turkey and chicken Gizzard, Goat meat)


As you can see, the ingredients for this recipe are quite easy. Due to the fact that you’ll be bleaching, please use a deep pot. To cook;


  • Blend all Green pepperimg_1555
  • You want to put your dry pot on your gas cooker or whatever you are cooking with
  • Add palm oil
  • Cover palm oil for five minutes on high so it’ll bleach. Leave windows open
  • Turn off for five minutes for the oil to calm
  • Then turn on oil for three minutes on medium heat with the open (Please be careful, we are bleaching so as to get the delicious roasted taste)
  • Add blended green pepper
  • img_1557
  • Cover and allow to cook on high heat for ten minutes
  • Then add maggi and salt appropriately
  • Add boiled meat
  • Cover and let cook for ten minutes
  • img_1559

The next thing you want to do now is serve with whatever you choose. This is best had with Ofada Rice. I will be having mine today with some regular white rice and some nice brown fried plantain. Hope you enjoy and let me know how it comes out!



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