9 Things I Wish I Knew Before My First Semester of College!

Hi, Lovelies! Welcome to this month’s niche special, it is on College!!! Everyone’s favorite topic, haha! Today, I will be sharing with you guys ten things I wish I knew before my first semester of college

1). Actually Study More Than You Google Study Ideas: This is for me and can the church chorus a “amen!”. I am guilty of not having any solid study routine pre-college, so, upon my enrollment in college where I quickly learnt the importance of studying in order to be a good student, often times, I found myself googling “study tip ideas” more than I actually studied, so I’ll advice you to actually pick up your textbook and read and fight that boredom till studying actually becomes a habit!

2). Time-Management Is Real Because Time Flies: Time flies when you’re having fun! Time flies in college, and so, learning effective time-management skills which is prioritizing is such an important skill to learn in a place like college where there are so many activities and a fixed number of hours in a day.

Prioritizing is a key to achieving goals!

3). Waking Up At 5am Everyday For My 8am Lecture is Not Going To Last The Whole Semester: This is something that I quickly realized. In an environment where there isn’t a lot of motivation (in terms of seeing other people wake up early), setting a realistic goal of what I wanted my day to look like is something I had to learn.

4). Despite Going To A Secular College, You Can Get Closer To God Than You’ve Ever Being In Your Life: I was concerned about going to a secular state college which doesn’t necessarily advocate Christianity but thankfully, God has provided for me a Christian fellowship on my campus and through fellowship and communion with people my age who share the same believes that I do, my relationship with God has grown and I can proudly say that I am closer to god than I’ve ever being in my life. I pray that that’s always the case. I pray to always grow closer to God every passing day than the previous.

5). Your Personality Is Going To Shine Through: If you’re feeling like you don’t really know who you are, it’s okay. You can only hide your light for so long. Personally, for me, I didn’t realize how friendly or how confident and bubbly I am until I started college and naturally, with a new found independence and environment, I naturally just let this light in my heart shine through I love and who I am and who I am continuing to be. College does bring growth.

6). You Don’t Have To Gain The Freshman 15: I am one of those people who was terrified about this much-proclaimed freshman 15 and I tried my best to avoid it and you can too! Actually go to the gym instead of procrastinating about it, get the broccoli, stick with water and avoid desert as often as you can (except for ice cream, of course, that’ll be hard). Lol!

7). You Are Going To Meet People Absolutely Different From You and It Is Absolutely Okay: This is something that a lot of pre-college students here but which I don’t think we ever really understand. You are going to meet people with different views and it’s okay because we are all diverse due to our individually different backgrounds and upbringings.

8). There Is A Different Grading System In College From High School: Speak with your professor, familiarize yourself with your syllabus and understand that midterms are a big deal!

So for the last one, I asked my roommate and here’s her take:

9). They Do Take Attendance In College: Just because you’re “independent” doesn’t mean that you should be carefree or not take your education and classes seriously. After all, that is why you are in college.

A college student, drop-out, or alumni? Please share what you wish you knew before college down in the comment section! I’ll love to know!



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