I walked 10, 791 steps in one day!!! (and you can, too!)


Hi, Lifestyle Speaker! How are you? You see, I stood in front of a transparent receptacle yesterday morning staring at muffins and bagels, quickly googling which is healthier. A part of me knew that having a bagel is the healthier choice, the better choice, but my heart and mind, probably like yours, often conflict. I am very proud of myself when I tell you that I picked the bagel.

Most of our New Year resolutions often include our desire to be healthier slash more fit. We want the muscles, abs and everything, but if you’re like me, you probably find yourself mid-week of each week saying, “I’ll start working out next week”. And week, after week, you find yourself promising upon the new week. It’s okay, I do it, too. Don’t bother feeling guilty. Instead of feeling guilty, you should ACT.

A- Action

C- Continuity

T- Tenacity

To start your goal, as I’m sure you’ve heard a billion times before, start your fitness journey by making small goals. Don’t just say you’ll start, actually ACT. Let’s start with this, let us all challenge ourselves to walking at least 10,000 steps a day. The goal should be 10,000. This is not just for losing weight, this is also for staying fit and strengthening the bones.

Today, my challenge to you is to walk 10,000 steps and if your day is over already, walk 10,000 steps tomorrow! (Don’t procrastinate to the next tomorrow *wink*)

The name of the app I use is called Accupedo. You can also use whatever legitimate free app you find in your App Store!

God loves you, and don’t forget to ACT


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