Stop Googling and Start Praying!


Google is my best friend. It’s a fact of life. I ask Google for everything, “How to be patient”, “How To Develop New Study Routines”, “How to stick to my fitness routine”, “How to talk to the boy I like”, and these are like the not embarrassing stuff. If you are like me, you are very familiar with WikiHow and when the unfamiliar happens and we need quick answers, we turn to Google.

Hello, Lifestyle Speakers! Welcome again to my blog, I have missed blogging. It feels like there’s so much to do in a day and so little time but personally, I say, better busy than bored. Lol!

During my bible study earlier today while studying the book of Colossians 4:2 which reads, “Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving“, somewhere between that verse and my always racing mind, I felt God impress upon my mind my propensity to always google. Whenever I’m faced with any situation that I have no answer to and in need of a quick response, I always turn to my bestfriend and even excitedly say, “Google is my best friend“.

Prayer is simply talking to God about EVERYTHING and not some things. Then why do I, we as human beings, tend to google and ask for information from other individuals who don’t even have everything figured out, when we can look to God the creator and maker of it all?

Stop googling and start praying!

Let us all look up to God more and rely more on our perfect Heavenly Father. Why do we talk to and ask more from Google than God? When your day doesn’t go as well as you planned, look up to the author and finisher of your faith instead of  googling , “How To Make Your Bad Day Go Well” (Okay maybe I’m just talking about me but this is important, People!). When you find yourself in a situation where your patience is being tempted, look to God and pray for patience. Afterall, he’s the Prince of Peace. When you can’t study, ask God for wisdom, knowledge, understanding, a retentive memory, afterall, He gave wisdom to Solomon and made him the wisest man to ever live. When you can’t stick to your fitness routine, look to God and ask for perseverance and determination. When you are so nervous about the guy you like, look to God and ask him for boldness and to work things out the way He wants, afterall, He has the key to your heart and has your name engraved on His heart. When life’s sure problems come, look to God in prayer and talk to your heavenly father. From the menial things to the heavy things. Our God is an incomparable God who knows what we are going through before we even think to state it. We need to stop asking God for just the big things and start including the “little” things, or vice versa.

Today’s world needs to re-realize the power and importance of prayer. The importance of looking to God and just lifting up his name daily – in thanksgiving, sorrow, help, through it all our Lord God Jesus Christ is always here so let us just beckon on Him and lift his name on high. Google should not be my best friend, God should be because I am His.

I hope this serves as an encouragement for your heart and I am challenging you to Stop Googling and Start Praying and let’s all watch the Lord work in our lives. Thank you very much, and as usual, I hope you have a great day! Don’t forget to let me know what you think down in the comment section and if you are not already following my blog, please do. See ya!


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