Best College Advice I’ve Received So Far!


Hi, Lifestyle Speakers! I would have you know that not only pregnant women receive various advice when they are expecting, college students do, too. As this exciting time in my life is coming up, I have received various (mostly solicited) advice in which I’m so excited to implement in my life.

1). Choice:- This has being a recurring theme from my father to my former youth leader to anyone who actually cares. I’ve being told that as a college student, or as college students in general, we’ll be exposed to various circumstances that are abberations to us and with each situation comes a decision to always choose; to choose what is good and what is bad. To choose to stick to our morals, to choose to not forget our righteous roots, to choose to do the right thing at the right time; God has simply given us the right to choose-our freewill and we should exercise that right.

“This above all, to thine own self be true”- William Shakespeare

2). Upperclassmen Boys:- Yeah! If more than one college female student is warning me about this, I’d bet it’s true. A recurring theme is to be very careful of senior male college and male college students generally who want to “prey” on the innocent and naive freshmen girls. You guys! If you knew how recurring this was, you bet I’m about to take this advice.3). Time management:- As college students, we are given a lot of free time and even though I had a lot of people say this to me, I particularly remember my doctor give me this advice (Yup! I asked my doctor for college advice, lol!). With a lot of free time in college, it is easy to get distracted, hence, comes the choice; time-management is going to be very important especially without my father breathing down my neck to study, I have to learn to breathe down my own neck in order to encourage and motivate myself to study.

4). Join clubs and organizations :- All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Socializing is part of the college experience and just joining organizations, I’ve being told, helps students meet people who they share the same interests with outside of the classroom.

5). Don’t Do Anything You Know You Wouldn’t Do In Front Of Your Parents :- I think this also ties in with choice and I think having that mentality will help keep us grounded.

6). Study hard:- This seems such a cliché but college, I’ve being told, is much more different than high school with it’s rigorous level of education and studying hard and using as many resources as I find available to me is what I’ve being often advised to do. I will be paying tons of money for this sole purpose though, right?

7). Have fun :- Yes!!! Having fun, I’ve being told, is almost as much the college experience as attending classes, and remembering to do this is very important.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy (girl)

8). God:- “Hold on to God, and never let anyone convince you that he’s not real” A very special person told me very recently. Stay in God, keep reading God’s word and for me, despite the fact that I’ll be going to a public university, I should not forget to read God’s word daily, find a church, pray and stand firm in God and in my belief.

I absolutely love this advice and I am looking forward to strengthening my relationship with God despite unpopular belief.

Thank you so much for stopping by today and don’t forget to follow my blog to be the first to know when I upload again this Saturday. Have any college advice for me? I am absolutely willing and ready to hear your college experience and whatever advice you have for me; please comment down. Thank you so much and till Saturday, please have a great couple of days because I know I will!



  1. Hi Naomi,
    This website had a good bit on advice for the new collegiate (congratulations by the way!):
    I replied as follows:

    Sage advice! I think the college dimension that surprised me the most (decades ago) was the new elements of opportunity and freedom. My university had a great film program – free films every night of the week – and a robust concert program, classical, jazz, amphitheater rock. It had a student radio station, all sorts of clubs, way too many new and interesting people to meet – and that was ignoring greek life (which held no interest for me), which can be an enormous distraction and the oft-correlated partying. And boys/girls – let’s not forget the new, giant pool of pheromones in which you now swim. Yes, there are many opportunities and the freedom to choose, but every minute you occupy with one of those activities lowers the probability that you will do well in classes, for which you and/or parents and/or loans and/or scholarships are footing the bill (as you so admirably say). Be wise and realize that the classes and the learning they cause will pay dividends that will earn you more freedom and opportunity when you are REALLY out in the world. College feels real, but your first real job, partner, mortgage, child (cumulative responsibilities) are the “real” real.
    On your professor note, get to know your professor as a source of intellectual enrichment and try to avoid sycophantic behavior. They will recognize it and probably be wary of you if you are there to “suck up” to the teacher. Be real, be yourself. If you haven’t read – and particularly if you haven’t understood – the material addressed in the syllabus, don’t try to fake it. The stuff the professor shares in class are just the highlights of what they know on the topic and they will know in an instant that you are there for the CliffNotes version. If you are your true, hard-working self with them, they can be valuable references for you when it comes time for graduate school, jobs, etc. If you present a fake version of yourself, the best you will get is a fake reference letter.
    On GPA: Your GPA is not the ultimate measure of your knowledge, it is a surrogate marker of what you are learning. You need your critical thinking and analysis skills from the classes you are taking, whatever they are – core OR major requirements. Push your mind to appreciate the work you are doing in the moment. Don’t try to fake your way through. If you work more you will be more useful to your eventual employer and to your family and community. Be the best version of yourself (whoever said that) during college as it is an unbelievably great experience to have available and you will benefit enormously.
    I apologize for going on for so long. After ten years of post-high school college, I just wanted to say “what she said!”
    Otherwise, you’ve received lots of good advice. Setting a reasonable balance between working yourself insane and flunking may be one of the hardest challenges you’ve faced in your life to date. I would err on the end of working yourself hard. But don’t work so hard that you lose your love of learning. That would be too much.
    Kind regards, MSOC

    1. Aw! You are such a sweet person. Again, thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to type up these amazing words of advice. Words can’t begin to describe how appreciative I am of this and I can’t wait to incorporate all your points into my everyday life. “What She Said” hahaha! Thank you so much, again, I really appreciate this and I hope you have a great day!

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