5 of my Current Favorite Female YouTubers

Hello, Lifestyle Speakers! On today’s blog post, I’ll be sharing with you one of my hobbies which is watching YouTube. YouTube is such a totally different world filled with various beautifully inspirational people and today, I have decided to share with you guys five of my favorite YouTubers. As someone who is subscribed to over a hundred YouTube channels, it wasn’t very hard to choose five of my current favorite women on YouTube. It’s wednesday, right? So these are my Women Crush Wednesday, yasss!!! Without further ado, here they are:


1). Nikki Perkins:- Nikki is the epitome of the definition of beautiful. Cliché always says that her complexion is to die for and they are not lying. Her birthday is April 2nd, I’m May 2nd, I knew there was a reason she’s my BFF in my head. Nikki is absolutely gorgeous and I love her personality because I feel like I can relate to it, she’s reserved but when she’s comfortable or in a good mood she let’s loose which, if you know me, that’s totally me. Omaigosh, I love me some Nikki Perkins. If you’ve ever watched Nikki’s Draw My Life, you’ll see that she discusses her younger sister, Sarah, who sadly recently passed away. I find Nikki as such an inspirational woman as she dedicated much of her younger life to taking care her ill younger sister and even though I can’t relate in terms of taking care of someone ill, I can surely show empathy as an older sister of three siblings and having to “babysit” them for such a long time. She was born in South Sudan and relocated to Australia (In terms of migration, I can relate, too). Nikki is a mother, a wife and who doesn’t aspire to have a banging body six months after having a baby?


2). Kezia Eniang:- Kezia does not upload as much videos as I’d enjoy but she’s definitely someone I love watching and listening to. Half Nigerian-Half Ghanian, Kezia is absolutely beautiful and I just love her. A cook, I love her twist to food recipes and she just comes across as an absolutely fun individual. I love her tops, I love how she embraces her body figure, I love her hairstyle, I love how she takes her selfies in the same position (lol!). I just love her!


3). Shirley B Eniang:- First of all, I love how she uses her first name, her middle initial and her lastname. So classy-love it! I looove her fashion style! Her style is goals!!! She is absolutely gorgeous. She is Kezia’s older sister, I just love how Shirley dresses, I love her morals and that self-awareness and growth that she has going on, it’s absolutely remarkable. Both she and her sister, with or without makeup, are gorgeous individuals. Shirley has being doing YouTube for such a long time and I admire how consistently she’s kept at it.


4). Patricia Bright:- Patricia, like Shirley, has being doing YouTube for such a long time and with every new video, her edit, background, everything just gets better. I admire her success story, I like the career that she had before YouTube and how set she was. Also a Nigerian, I wish she embraced being Nigerian more and by that, I mean, she travels to a lot of places, I’d love to watch the vlog where she goes to Nigeria with her husband and daughter. Patricia also has a beautiful fashion sense. She has such an expensive and luxurious taste which, hey, who doesn’t?


5). Titilayo Odediran:-Known as TitiTalksTV, I used to go to school with Titi back in Nigeria. I remember this girl, literally, as just someone who was in boarding school and who used to chatter. Haha. A couple of years ago, Titi went through a body change and even though she doesn’t know it, through this, she has become someone I’ve come to truly, truly admire. Her confidence and self-esteem is nothing short of inspirational. When people  change locations and then gain weight, they are usually negatively stereotyped and as someone who’s also gained over twenty pounds since moving to America, I absolutely admire how confidently she carries herself. As far as I can see from the internet, she hasn’t allowed this to deter her. I love her makeup, her eyebrows are always on fleek. I love how expressive and colorful she goes in with the eyeshadow, yet, on such a classy level. I am so proud of her for starting her own YouTube channel. Blogging, like YouTube, is such an oversaturated market and despite knowing this and going for it and delivering her own content with such high-self esteem, I definitely see her going places!


I love YouTube and I watch it every single day. I admire other YouTubers such as AdannaDavid, Jennie Jenkins, Toni Olaoye, Kiitanxo, Chloe Kitembo and lots and tons of other people. YouTube just showcases so many beautiful people with so many talents. Do you watch YouTube and think I’ll like some YouTubers based on those I’ve highlighted as my current favorite? Please let me know down in the comment section who you recommend I watch and I’d love to check them out. Till my next blog post, please have a beautiful next couple of days and if  you are not already following my blog, please do so you’ll be the first to know when I upload my next blog post. Ciao now!





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