The Self-Discipline Journal


Hi, Lifestyle Speakers! So after watching a YouTube video yesterday on self-discipline, I learnt that it takes sixty sixty (66) days to develop a new habit. Hearing that information reminded me of a journal I found about a week ago. It is my journal, a journal I kept when I was in boarding school. Yes, guys, I was in boarding school for about three years. I kept this journal when I was about the age of 14-15 and as I flipped the pages of my journal, I began to remember who I was at the age of 14-15, details I wouldn’t have ordinarily remembered unless sparked by an incident, but because I kept a journal, events, situations and moments began to come to me as I got an inside depth of who I was at that age. I began to appreciate my growth as nostalgia filled me as I recollected the friends I kept, my environment, things I did.

The YouTuber who preached self-discipline, whose link I just left you click on the blued ‘youtuber‘, emphasized on how in 66 days, a new habit can be formed and developed and that got me thinking a lot. I have bad habits I’d like to let go of, goals I’d like to accomplish, things I’d like to improve about myself, and so, after adding 1+ 1, I have decided to challenge myself for 66 days. I am giving myself 66 days to journal. Through these 66 days, I plan on setting goals, kicking bad habits and challenging myself.

According to my Google search, Self-Discipline is the ability to control one’s feelings and overcome one’s weaknesses; the ability to pursue what one thinks is right despite temptations to abandon it. Self Discipline, through a retrospective reflection, has being my biggest weakness, and so, I have decided to go on a 66 day Self-Discipline journey while journaling. Afterall, we’ve all heard or read of the importance and therapeutic results of journaling.

It will be hard to avoid life’s temptations and fall into sin, but I have decided to give into GodPower and not WillPower. I bought a journal today. I bought it for $10.59, and to me, the fact that I paid for the journal signifies to me how serious I am about the next 66 days. Recalling how much I spent and how hard I had to work for the money (I’m a student, Lifestyle Speakers, $10.59 feels like $1,000,000), this will motivate me to work harder so all my effort wouldn’t go to waste or in vain).

During this voyage of self-discovery of cultivating self-discipline and becoming an all around happier and better person, I will give myself something to look forward to by using the reward method and for me, that is setting aside $100. That is, if I can successfully go 66 days journaling while improving and loving myself, so at the end of these 66 days I’m a strong, successful christian and virtuous woman who I’m proud of, I will be indulging myself with $100. You guys, the wheels are turning on how I will celebrate this success and today, I challenge you to also do this. Get a journal and challenge yourself to grow for the next 66 days. Don’t forget to set aside your reward.

I really hope you accept this challenge, afterall, we are a constantly growing specie, and I can’t wait to let you know my results on my “Self-Discipline Journal” after 66 days! Want to purchase the same exact journal I did? I got my journal from Staples but I can’t seem to find the journal anywhere online but I have conveniently placed a link to the company’s website who made the journal and they have tons and tons of fab journals and notebooks.

Please have a good rest of your day and don’t forget to follow my blog so you’ll be the first to know about my next blog post. Ciao!



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