Types Of Co-Workers| Non-Professional Careers


Hey, Lifestyle Speakers! So today’s blog post is quite different and after observing my co-workers, I have come up with the different types of co-workers/employees that there are. Please note that these types of co-workers I have listed below are those in quick, part-time jobs where limited-education is often required and this is intended to be a light and fun blog post.

1). The Time-Checker:- This is the type of co-worker, who, starting from the time they clock into work till they leave, these types of coworkers/employees do nothing but countdown till when their shift ends. “Thank goodness, I leave in three hours, forty-three minutes, three seconds and three..”, they often say.

2). The boss-employee:- These are the kind of employees/co-workers who treat their workplace like it’s theirs. They want to make sure everything is top-notch, everyone is following the rules, and they often treat the company like it’s theirs which is good for the employer and sometimes bad for the co-workers who are not too keen on following rules.

3). The Inappropriate One:- This is the type of employee who does nothing but use profanities and discuss body parts and sex in unflattering languages while on the job.

4). The Bully:- This is the type of co-worker who picks on other co-workers by directing and demanding employees to do their (the bully’s) intended jobs.

5). The bullied:- These are the types of employees we often stand up for and feel sorry for. They are the ones who the “bully” category of employees often give the menial jobs to.

6). The Friend:- This is the employee who is friends with everybody and knows everybody’s personal secrets and business.

7). The Money-Getter:- This is the employee who has and wants nothing to do with any of his/her fellow co-workers and works just for the sole purpose of getting that money and nothing more.

Know more types of employees? Please feel free to comment below and also, don’t forget to mention what kind of employee you are. I will say I am a mixture of the “boss-employee” who likes to be give my all into my work and “The money getter”. What kind of employee are you?


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