Ten Cute Things Under $10


Hey, Lifestyle Speakers! Todays blog post is one I am particularly very excited about (I have a feeling I say that a lot but I’m truly excited about this post!).

1). Mini Mannequins:- Available on the Red Bubble website, the small size is available for just $6.60. A perfect beautiful décor item for a dorm, bedroom or any part of the home you see fit, the mini mannequins are a perfect décor piece for a fashion or decor lover.

2). Phone cases:- The Mini In The Box website has tons and tons and tons of amazing phone case deals under $10. With different designs for various phone types, this website is perfect for finding beautiful phone cases on a budget.

3). Americanah:- A beautiful read, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah is a nice culturally educational book that depicts an immigration story through a totally different light. I absolutely enjoyed this read and it’s available on Amazon for just  $9.04.

4). Coasters:- Perfect for protecting tables and holding glasses, this elegant crystal set I found on sale at JC Penney for just $9.99 is gorgeous, classy and in a color that is sure to go with any type of décor.

5). Throw pillows:- This white throw pillow that I found again on JC Penney has a plain color that will permit you to design it in accordance to your standards. Available for just $8.99 on a 50% off sale, I encourage you to go grab your copy as soon as you possibly can!

6). Womens’ Christian Planner:- A 2017 weekly planner for just $8.49, this planner is called Color The Psalms and it seems perfect for those sure to come resolutions that will come with twenty seventeen.

7). Mugs:- Available for $4.99 and free shipping for orders over $49, this beautiful mug is great for tea or coffee drinkers.

8). Infinity Scarfs:-  A Langforth Sheer Soft Light Weight 100% Polyester Subtle Stripe Tube Infinity Scarf, this infinity scarf is available for just $9.99

9). Argan Oil:- What is Argan oil not good for these days? Hair, body, Argan Oil is a must-have as a moisturizer for both hair and body. You can find a Moroccan Argan oil at Walmart for just $5.74.

10). EarPods:- Also available at Walmart for just $9.19, these particular earpods are for apple products but I’m sure that websites such as MiniInTheBox will sell earpods for different phone types under $10.

Also know of Cute Items Under $10, let me know down in the comment section so I could shop for cheap, too! Happy shopping!



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