How To Prepare For A Job Interview


Hi, Lifestyle Speakers! After being on a couple of job interviews (one failed the other successful) I now know where I went wrong and what I did right. So, today, typing in retrospect, below are short, effective ways to prepare for a job interview.

1). Research the company you are prospectively working for :- Whether its McDonalds or that huge company you’ve always dreamed on working for, researching the company you are being interviewed for is so important because most likely, you’ll be asked, “Why do you want to work for our company?” Knowing the company’s history, goal and values can help you effectively answer this question to your interviewers satisfaction.

2). Be confident :- This, as self-explanatory as it might be, can be one of the hardest things to do. Making eye contact and speaking confidently can be such an important key with helping you get a job.

3). Google interview questions :- Googling interview questions will help you get real interview questions from people who’ve being on interviews to the same company and position you are applying for and through my personal experience, 90% of the said questions I find on the internet are actually asked on the interview.

4). Prepare :- How can you prepare? By writing on a piece of paper your answer to the questions you find on the internet.

There you have it, Lifestyle Speakers! My four tips to preparing for a job interview and getting a job. Let me know when you get the job! Have other helpful tips? Please let me know down in the comment section!



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