Meet Naomi!



I am screaming “hello” to you in all of the world’s languages. My name is Naomi and I am a college freshman majoring in Nursing. A resident of the east coast, I am a Christian, a lover, a cook, a reader, a writer, a dancer only in my living room, a sister, a daughter, a friend, an unofficial interior decorator and a dual citizen. I love health, travels, maps, I’m obsessed with makeup, I love the rain and most of all, I love God!

As someone who’s been opportuned to live in two countries and in two different continents, I have experienced two different cultures who make me who I am. I speak English and Yoruba fluently and I can speak at least a word in Korean, Spanish, French, Hausa, Igbo and Italian. I love lifestyle and I am a self proclaimed lifestyle speaker! My two favorite phrases are “conscious efforts” and you’ll be reading me say those a lot!

Since this is a lifestyle blog, I will be sharing my experiences and tips to help other people transit through high school, university and in between. What to do during your sophomore, junior or senior year? How to apply to schools? What are colleges really looking for? How to prepare for university? Hauls? Tips? Motivation? Life is a journey and one certain thing is that the rest is still unwritten! Follow me for tips on school, fashion, cooking, writing, makeup, DIY and tons and tons of other lifestyle tips! Afterall, iSpeakLifestyle!


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