How To Makeover Your Bedroom Without Spending A Cent!


A lot of people due to a low budget live in a plain bedroom, and with plain bedrooms does come a lack of inspiration or this ‘joy’ that comes from the decor that makes a home, a home. In today’s blog post, I am partnering up with a very dear fellow blogger, The Contemporary Edition‘s admin, Irene.

Irene and I had the opportunity to make a lady happy by redecorating her bedroom without either us or the lady spending a single cent on bringing life to the said lady’s bedroom. Before I show you the makeover Before/After photos on what Irene and I did, I will be giving you three points I’ve come up with in order for you to makeover your bedroom without worrying about your finances.

1). Change the direction of your bed:- Changing the direction in which your bed faces can make a huge difference in the layout of your bedroom. Moving a vertical bed horizontally or vice versa can help to greatly improve the room and provide, for instance, better or darker lightening in response to your preference.

2). Open your eyes widely:- Yeah, sounds like an overused phrase from parents to their children but it does work in the home decor department. Paying attention to the forgotten small items in your home like magazine pages, a cute painting of a restaurant in yesterday’s pizza box,  cute pictures from a forgotten magazine, a candle, holiday ornaments; these are just few examples on what to look out for. Open your vision to your creative side to find pieces or items that can help transform your bedroom.

3) Know the look you are going for:- Because you won’t be spending a cent doesn’t mean your bedroom should look like a trash can. Make a list of your vision and what kind of room you want. Hey, simplicity is okay and if you have the materials and you want to go heavy, you go!

Okay, with the lists as a guide, I am so excited to show you the transformation that Irene of The Contemporary Edition anew I did to the bedroom below!

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Irene and I went for a simple look that can be incorporated on a budget decor for even a dorm room. Not diminishing the natural brighteness of the room with heavy colors, we cut out words from a Christmas wrapping paper, a university’s (I sadly can’t decide on whether it’s called a flag or flyer), love signs from last Valentine’s card, Christmas ribbons and gold & silver shapes and something as simple as changing the bedsheets to a brighter color! Down below are close up shots of the decor on the walls.

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And there you have it, a simple way to makeover your bedroom or dorm room without spending a cent! Please don’t forget to leave comments below on what you think of the transformation! Wanna give it a try? Let me know how it comes out by sending Irene & I  Before/After pictures through or/and!

Thank you and I hope you have a beautiful day, Lifestyle Speakers!



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